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A quick look inside Google Adwords

A quick look inside Google Adwords

You want to advertise your business? You want to promote your work? Google Ads is the best platform to achieve your target. Google has its own advertising service. It allows you to put your search results for your web page on a search result engine result page (SERP), by paying money for them.

The companies that use Google Adwords can build its ads by using accurate keywords. Keywords play a vital role in this regard. If you use your keywords in a fine manner, your web page will be shown right on the top of Google search list through which Google will direct the users towards your site.

Just to add to your knowledge, all of the Adwords certification is directly associated with your email address. And you have an option of linking several email address for Google Adwords certification.

How it works?

All you need to do is to stay updated. You must know about what users are looking for, what kind of content and material they would prefer and then you decide your keywords accordingly. Because the users searches the keywords on Google. You are not going to be the only one who’s all set for the advert bid, there are several rival companies which might be bidding at the same time. So, the more you are going to pay per click (PPC), the more Google will feature your Ads.

Google continuously keeps a check on “Quality score”, Google would inquire whether your Adwords are relevant or not. And whether they are useful for the searchers or not. For example, if someone types “latest mobile phones” and your ad would display “Buy latest phones from here”, it differs a bit and you will lose your visitors because Google will direct the user to the top most relevant keyword, it all depends upon the quality of your Adwords.

Make sure your bid is accurate, because if you bid low, your site won’t be featured which however is a drawback. The time it takes for Google AdWords to view all the relevant bids, data and collect information is about 0.26 seconds. It is this fast. Google no longer differentiate between mobile or desktop. Mobile campaign can get you the same clicks as desktop clicks. Always pick volume over margin, beginners are often confused and they tend to spend rather than realizing that margin goes in loss unless total revenue is not generated.

Go with the perfect plan and infrastructure and do complete research work before using Google Adwords.


The alternatives of Google Adwords are Yahoo Bing search, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Google shopping. SEO is however widely used because it generates organic (non-paid) traffic without charging any amount. Through SEO you keep a live track of your followers, you add perfect Meta data and keywords. However, social media advertisement plays an important role as well.

The technology is advancing day by day and Google’s grip is becoming stronger in the market because of the endless features it keeps on introducing. Use the internet smartly and wisely.


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