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Importance of Customer Feedback in your Business

Importance of Customer Feedback in your Business

Feedback is received when facts and figures about a brand or service can be used to influence similar occurrences in the future. It is the information about the product you sold and the satisfaction of the customer regarding your product. Whenever you sale a product, you have a chance to acquire something, either positive or negative from your customer with feedback. Well, the overall reputation of company or product depends on upon that feedback. In many cases, especially online businesses such as Amazon, eBay, feedback has become an essential part of what has made them successful.

Feedback should be included as an important tool to improve the performance growth of your company. The employees will get motivated as they receive feedback and so on a company can take more important and improving steps for the quality and quantity of the product. These feedbacks can correct the deficiencies and can lead the company to new and better product and service. New Business opportunities will need to be carefully observed for better feedback. Feedback makes companies realize that how they can make their customers happy and satisfied.

The service provider should make it feasible for the customer to give feedback for the service He got. This is the best way that customer can express his feelings or experience with your service/product. Feedback should be received in a good manner so the customer gets to know that the company will try their best to improve the service or quality of the product. The best way to get feedback is to ask for it. Feedback consists of a positive, negative, or neutral ratings along with a short comment. Your customers provide you with valuable insights on coming demands, styles or preferences. They may have suggestions on what additional products they would like you to be carrying.


Here are some suggestions which one should keep in mind regarding feedbacks:

  • Make it easy and suitable for the purchaser to respond.
  • Customers prefer feedback directed to someone, not an institution.
  • Allow your consumers to give advice instead of applause. Let the first question be: "How could we do better?"
  • Respond promptly and gratefully.
  • Use of feedback forms including business replies comment cards or suggestion box.

We all know a fact that every proper business companies now get feedback across the web, and it doesn’t matter that they really want it or not. This is the massive change in the business world. Before the internet, dissatisfied customers had limited options. All they could do was call the company, tell their friends and maybe tell everyone they know around.

The most amazing example of Feedback can be seen nowadays on the back of delivery trucks which states "How am I driving, are you satisfied?" along with a contact number, gives the heavy public the prospect of providing feedback on dangerous driving practices that could be costly to the employer. Online feedbacks can be damaging as people of opposite company or competitors may give poor remarks to demotivate your employs so the best way is to take feedbacks just after the completion of service. In many instances, while competing with a large successful competitor, the best idea is to follow the practices they have already guessed out by test and error. A good place to start with feedback is to use the methods they are using rather than inventing the wheel yourself. Smart companies usually take these types of steps.

With the assumption that good quality service is your aim, positive comments from previous buyers makes it easier for prospects to turn into customers. Research shows it is likely that you can surpass a 20% growth in sales from a good feedback system, as well as reap the benefits from improved search engine positions. Few things should be kept in mind to make your service better and to attract more and more customers are that company should overcome the problems of customers and again provide them service at lower cost for one time so they get satisfied again and start trusting you. Trust in one of the most important factors in this line. The more loyalty you show towards your customers the more they prefer you. In this way, your regular customers will ask their beloveds to use your service as well as they are satisfied with your service. Let the flow of your success make noise for you and help you become the top rated brand. Not to forget, keep giving gifts and surprise deals to your valuable and long-term customers.


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